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ruru huis

Everyone is welcome at ruru huis, which ruangrupa opened in July 2015. Initially located at Looierstraat 43 in Arnhem, ruru huis is a place to work and to meet, much like ruangrupa’s house in Jakarta. From June 22 onwards, ruru huis will be located at Molenplaats. ruangrupa
hosts exhibitions, performances, meetings, lectures and workshops there, in conjunction with Arnhem initiatives and artists involved with SONSBEEK ’16: transACTION. There are tables to work at, a library, a showcase with exhibits, a karaoke machine, and an underground gallery in the basement.

Also, you will find a collection of maps of different areas of Arnhem, including Sonsbeek Park, the centre, Klarendal, Presikhaaf and Malburgen. These maps allowed ruangrupa to gather the personal histories and favorite locations of the people who live and work in Arnhem, enabling them to get to know the city and its people. The map also charts the consequences of developments in the city, and triggers us to speculate about stories in Arnhem’s public space.

ruru huis is run by ruangrupa, Marije Tangelder, Thijs Groenewegen, Nikita Oldert, Stefanie Harsevoort, Estella Gonzales Limachi, Nadine Rhodé, Sanne Oorthuizen, Sanne de Vries, Eef Veldkamp, Jonah Travolta, Iris Wissenburg, Bob Mors, Molenplaats en Reinaart Vanhoe.

Ruru buitendienst explore public space in Arnhem

Ruru buitendienst is a group of young artists and researchers (Sanne Oorthuizen, Sanne de Vries, Simone de Kinderen, Eef Veldkamp) in Arnhem who examine the concept of public space in the city. They gather stories connected to the city by interviewing artists and residents and by organising artistic interventions, which enables them to develop knowledge about diverse phenomena, people and places: about people who use the city, types of property, transgression, youth culture and the visible and invisible power structures that interweave everyday life.

Join the reading group

Every fortnight ruru buitendienst holds a reading group in which the central text comprises the legal regulations governing public spaces in Arnhem: Plaatselijke Verordening voor Arnhem (PVA). Everyone is welcome to take part. An interim report on the ongoing discussion will appear in April 2016 in the first part of ruru huis’s Karbon Arnhem File publication series.

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