Reinaart Vanhoe

From hot to something else

The Belgian artist Reinaart Vanhoe studied ruangrupa for about three years, and has written one book about them. He will make a second book focusing on the activities
of the ruru huis. One of these books is theoretical, and provides insight into the functioning and development of ruangrupa, based on examples. It follows ruangrupa from a group of artist friends who lived together to the international collective of artists and curators that it has since become.

The other book is more practical in nature, and shows what happens in cities like Arnhem in terms of transaction, from the perspective of the ruru huis. “These books can inspire artists and curators in
the Netherlands and Belgium in their process,” said Reinaart, who knows ruangrupa very well.

For SONSBEEK '16, he is building an installation
in which the books and the “remnants” of the ruru huisin Arnhem will be presented: posters, T-shirts, a banner, conversations, presentations, and food. The installation can be seen in the ruru huis, which is based in vistors centre De Molenplaats. 

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