Otobong Nkanga

In Pursuit of Bling, 2014

In Pursuit of Bling consists of a two-sided woven tapestry and tables, with mineral stones floating above it. Some tables contain a monitor that displays video images.
The starting point for this installation is the attraction of everything that shines, and what we have to do to get this “bling”: deplete the earth. How do the decisions of individuals influence the larger community, and how does this long chain of cause and effect unfold?

Otobong Nkanga, born in Nigeria, examines the relationship between cultural values and our way of dealing with natural resources, and how we adapt the land to our needs. To illustrate this in her work, she always uses different kinds of stones. For Nkanga, stones are the bearer of memories, and they form the connection between earthly and human interventions: in reference to borders, relics, means of defence or destruction, souvenirs and tools, and as a reference to the depletion of raw materials and minerals.

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Otobong Nkanga

Picture 1: Maurice Boyer
Picture 2: Eva Broekema