Marco Paulo Rolla

Broken Extase, 2010 Sensible Smash, 2013 Sin Tomography, 2016

Sensible Smash shows a part view of the performance Banquet from 2003-2004. A banquet was placed on a central table, where the performance took place among various naked actors, food items, and live chickens. There were more than 200 people present, but the table was only arranged for thirty people. And only those thirty were given food to eat. The social hierarchy that was applied here is a reflection of our society.

Marco Paulo Rolla makes paintings, drawings, objects, installations, and performances in which desire is inextricably linked with death, just as contradictions like pain and pleasure, or good and bad, go hand in hand. With his still lifes, he links the Dutch colonial history to the still lifes of Dutch painters. The luxury items that often form part of his visual language function as a critique of capitalism.

Marco Paolo Rolla

Video: Studio Halfvol
Picture: Eva Broekema