CAMP (Center for Art on Migration Politics) & Arnhem voor Vluchtelingen

If the Sea Could Talk

On August 26, a fashion show that is about more than just fashion will take place in the star-shaped tent of KUNSTrePUBLIK in Sonsbeek Park. The show is designed by the Rwandan fashion designer, artist, and activist Dady de Maximo. It pays tribute to the thousands of people disappearing and dying as refugees. Amongst the models are asylum seekers from Arnhem. They will wear clothes made of UNHCR rice bags and life jackets. In total, they will present forty creations by the designer, himself a survivor of the Genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda (1994).

In a way that suits the Dutch fashion city of Arnhem, CAMP (Centre for Art on Migration Politics) tells a story, one that broaches sensitive issues such as migration and immigration. CAMP (Centre for Art on Migration Politics) is located in Trampoline House, a community center that supports asylum seekers, and offers them a network and a sense of purpose. It organizes exhibitions where well-known international and local artists are invited, with a preference for those who have been migrants or refugees themselves.

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