VVest Life

Between the Zijpendaalseweg and the large pond, you will find a special parliament, which also provides an equally special way of commenting on the current immigration crisis in Europe.

The parliament is in the shape of a star, a reference
to the stars on the EU flag, and it is made of the most prominent symbol of migration over water: the life jacket. Inside, you hear different people commenting on the crisis, screaming and cheering as if they were football fans.

These are the encouraging voices of people who have come up with new ideas for current issues in Western society. How do we approach integration? How can we show solidarity? How can we learn from each other? How can we participate?

KUNSTrePUBLIK is an artists collective from Berlin, which for more than ten years has been examining the potential, and the limitations, of art in public space. For SONSBEEK ’16, they ask you to contribute your own constructive comment via www.vvestlife.eu, and they will transform your comment into a “stadium symphony”, which will be played in the parliament. Instead of applauding the Dutch national football team during the European Championship, you can now chant new ideas for Europe.