Kevin van Braak


Artist Kevin van Braak from Arnhem used trees that would be slated and cut down to build a woodworking workshop, between the Stadsvilla and the deer area. Kevin is an artist who not only designs, but also builds, and that is why there will be non-stop sawing, sanding, and hammering at his workshop during SONSBEEK ’16.

Kevin has invited more than 25 artists, designers, and architects to make works. They will work together, share their knowledge, temporarily suspend their individual artistic practices, and share their work process with the public. That explains the name OXT, which refers to oxytocin: the hormone that creates feelings of trust and connection.

All of the works will ultimately be exhibited around the woodworking workshop. OXT consists of a growing number of wooden attributes. You see it grow and grow, faster than even the healthiest trees in the park.

Sonsbeek16-Kevin van Braak-2.jpg


Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IKPW) 
Het Stimuleringsfonds