Juul Sadée


Artist Juul Sadée collects objects, stories, thoughts
and memories that have a connection to the Moluccan community in the Netherlands. After three years of collecting, she has arranged all of this input for SONSBEEK ’16, transforming them into a ‘story-installation’ called ‘SO’, which is on display in Museum Bronbeek.

‘SO’ highlights an overlooked component of Dutch colonial history, in both its positive and its problematic aspects: “The Moluccan story”. This story is about 12,000 Moluccans who came to the Netherlands by boat 65 years ago, and who were facing the same integration problems as refugees do now: living in camps, no work and little social security. What does this do to your identity and self-confidence?

For SONSBEEK ’16, Juul organized a series of meetings in the ruru huis with second-generation Moluccan women and some men from Arnhem and surroundings. Their stories often relate to the first generation, putting Moluccan women only in the background. What is it like to be the child of a soldier? To what extent are you emancipated?

Juul Sadee
Juul Sadee