Folkert de Jong

You’re afraid to dive into the plasma pool, aren’t you? You’re afraid to be destroyed and recreated?

At the crossroads of the Stadsvilla, the Steile Tuin, and the deer park, you run into a blue man in a water tank annoyingly blocking the way.

This sculpture undergoes a transformation. Behind the glass, it seems preserved and immortal. It looks 
big and solid. But the bigger something is, the more fragile its structure. It grows and expands, deforms, and changes into something monstrous, until it might even fall apart ...

This was the same fate of scientist Seth Brundle
in The Fly (1986), a sci-fi/horror film by director David Cronenberg, and a source of inspiration for Folkert. After teleportation in his homemade "telepod", Seth slowly becomes half fly, half human. To his loved ones, worried about his monstrous transformation, he says: "You're afraid to be destroyed and recreated.”

Folkert lives and works in Amsterdam, and is 
known for the high-tech materials in his work, such as insulating materials including plastic and styrofoam. For SONSBEEK '16, he is experimenting with hydrospan, a material that expands 60% when in contact with water.

Sonsbeek16-Folkert de Jong-4.jpg