Cut and Rescue

Gerobak Sablon Gerobak Sodor

A unique kind of vehicle is traveling through the district of Malburgen: a Gerobak Sablon, “cart with prints”
in Javanese. This cart has been created by the artists collective Cut And Rescue, from Indonesia.

Do you have something you’d like to trade? Choose a print pattern, and Cut And Rescue will use it to print a T-shirt, bag, or sticker. These prints are inspired by their experiences during their month-long stay in Malburgen.

Cut And Rescue is also organizing a festival where games take on a different meaning for the residents. Gerobak Sodor is a pun on “Gobak Sodor”, a traditional Javanese game.

For SONSBEEK ’16, ruangrupa has invited various collectives to experience a given district of Arnhem, and to put it on the map. Cut And Rescue is one of these collectives. In a multidisciplinary way, Cut And Rescue researches and develops ideas that remind the ‘audience’ that culture has not yet become obsolete.

After the Second World War, Malburgen was created as a new neighborhood on the other side of the Rhine river, in the south of Arnhem. ruangrupa and the ruru huis worked with various groups in Malburgen, including the football team Arnhemia.

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