Cinema Caravan

Road to Basque at Sonsbeek

Whether it’s on a beach in a deserted cove, in the
rice fields, or in the middle of a pulsating city: Cinema Caravan, from Japan, organizes a party at any location. Now they have come to Arnhem, for the opening act
of SONSBEEK ’16. Come to Ronde Weide in Park Sonsbeek on June 4 and let yourself be surprised by a mysterious blend of tasty snacks and drinks, film, music and performances.

Cinema Caravan always works together with local initiatives, and in this case, they have collaborated with Arnhem’s Studio Halfvol. By so doing, they learn from the people they come into contact with: about their culture, and about their way of life. Every time, they add a new culture to their list, and this caravan of experiences is getting longer and longer...

Studio Halfvol develops concepts and experiments to improve various living environments. For example, they organized the opening of the new train station in Arnhem. That day, travellers danced in the middle of the station hall, and got to know each other in a special way through art installations. For SONSBEEK ’16, they are collaborating with Cinema Caravan and organizing the opening program.

You can read the interview we did with Cinema Caravan here

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Cinema Caravan
Cinema Caravan