ARKIPEL & Focus Filmtheater

ARKIPEL, the international experimental documentary film festival from Jakarta, is coming to Arnhem. That explains why the films shown in Arnhem’s Focus Filmtheater from July 5 - 11 (starting at 21:00) will be very different than the normal screenings.

Forum Lenteng, the film community from Jakarta, organizes ARKIPEL. For SONSBEEK ’16, they initiate a mini-ARKIPEL, with films focusing on contemporary local and international politics and the economy. Themes:

• Memories of Things
• City and Representation of Modernity
• Challenging the Construction of History • Reality Aesthetic, Public Realism?
• Position and Discourse of Cinema

Experimentation Today
• History in the Subject-Object Reciprocity • Another Consensus
• Power and Small Narratives
• Camera Empathy, Rhythm of Territory
• The Nameless

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