Alphons ter Avest

Along the Zijpendaalseweg, a street between Molenplaats and the Water Museum, you can find a house with an unusual open structure. The roof consists of sycamore wood battens, which together form a unique pattern. If you look closely, you can recognize various geometric ornaments: stars that refer to Arab cultures, flowers related to Asian religions and lifestyles.

Patterns from five major beliefs form the basis of this house, and serve as fuel for the bread-roasting stove inside. Every Saturday, the heart of the Bakehouse is ablaze. The food prepared there ranges from Turkish bread to Dutch rolls and Italian pizza. Arnhem-based bakers from diverse ethnic backgrounds will come here every Saturday to bake bread.

Come along, eat some bread together, or bake your own in the oven. Don’t be surprised if a portion of the roof has since disappeared. Bit by bit, slat by slat, the house will go up in smoke, like a heart consuming its own body. In this way, an everyday object like a house is modelled as a strange ambiguity, an art that the Arnhem artist Alphons ter Avest excels at.

Alphons ter Avest (graduated ArtEZ Arnhem) realises sculpture and projects – whether or not in commission – in public space and exhibits internationally. His work is part of private, business and government collections.

Alphons ter Avest - Bakehouse