Agung Kurniawan

Remember Day Parade and after, 2016

Agung Kurniawan is one of the most important contemporary artists in Indonesia. He is also an activist who takes a clear stand on political, social, and cultural issues. In his work, which is sometimes seen as crude or raw, themes such as violence, politics and taboos are frequently raised.

In his opinion, the Dutch government and its citizens have never fully recognized the wrongdoings of the colonial history of Indonesia. Even the current generation of Indonesians lacks sufficient awareness. Kurniawan wanted to increase this awareness by organizing a large- scale performance.

This performance, entitled Remember Day Parade and after, took place specially for transHISTORY in Arnhem on June 2. In the performance, participants depicted the colonial history in different layers. There was a group of people representing the army, the KNIL soldiers, and the guerrillas, and others representing the population. The performance started at the City Hall, to end in the gardens of Museum Arnhem, where a pseudo- religious closing ceremony took place. The remains of the performance, such as the altar, the costumes, and a recording of the performance, are part of the exhibition.

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