nieuws_ nongkrong ruru huis

Nongkrong at ruru huis

Nongkrong is an Indonesian term that can best be described as chat - a conversation without a particular subject or purpose, without any specific plans or arrangements in view. Chatting openly without constraints creates space for new ideas, without the need to do anything specific with these. On Saturday, 5 March there was plenty of Nongkrong going on.

Thought Collider came along for a workshop tonic and to make Jamu with spices and plants from Park Sonsbeek. Jamu is an Indonesian medicinal drink.

Pamflet’s Afra Suci was also present. Pamflet is an Indonesian platform and magazine encouraging young people to contribute socially towards positive change in society. This is less about being against than it is about building networks. 

Participants also received a quick course in Bahasa from ruangrupa member Indra Ameng.

Florian Cramer describes the essence of Nongkrong superbly in the film he made last Saturday at ruru huis.