KUNSTrePUBLIK - 'VVest Life' - Photo: Maurice Boyer


transACTION of collective ruangrupa (Jakarta, Indonesia) was characterized by engagement with the city and interaction with residents, initiatives and visitors. ruangrupa approaches art from an all-encompassing social, spatial and personal perspective. In their practise ruangrupa constantly investigates how to conduct meaningful meetings, dialogues and exchanges. People's stories are vital in this framework. It all started with the opening in July 2015, a year in advance, of the 'ruru house' in an empty shop in the centre of Arnhem with Reinaart Vanhoe as a the one who stimulated people to participate and feel welcome. The ruru house became a lively meeting place with a programme of discussions, workshops, lectures, culinary activities, performances, pop-up markets and even karaoke evenings, where curators and Arnhemmers met.  

The selected artists emphasized interactions between artists, residents and audiences. During the exhibition in the summer of 2016 most installations in the park could be actually used through open calls: people got married, performances took pace, birthday parties were organized, bread was baked etc. In the city several installations where to be seen including some striking murals.

Alphons ter Avest - Bakehouse - photo: Maurice Boyer

Works in park Sonsbeek: Alphons ter Avest, Jan Rothuizen, KUNSTrePUBLIK, Rob Voerman, Maze de Boer, Slavs and Tartars, Rossella Biscotti, Cinema Caravan, City of the Children, Shilpa Gupta, Folkert de Jong, Kevin van Braak, Richard Bell, Louie Cordero, Eko Prawoto, Reinaart Vanhoe and Jatiwangi Art Factory. 

Artists In the city: Michael Blum, Marishka Soekarna (mural), Sebastián Diaz Morales, Mark Salvatus, Nnamari (mural), Naamloozz (mural), Iswanto Hartono, Sivanski (murals), Fintan Magee (mural) and Cut and Rescue. The following artists worked together with local initiatives: Mixrice, & Galerie De Vijf Ramen, Cráter Invertido & Motel Spatie, Contact Gonzo & Arnhemse Meisjes/Generale Oost, Arkipel & Focus Filmtheater, Tranzitdisplay & Code Rood, CAMP & Arnhem voor Vluchtelingen.

Sivanski - mural - photo: Maurice Boyer

In Museum Arnhem the exhibition transHISTORY - this is my truth, tell me yours casted a different light on official, authorized history. Artists: Otobong Nkaga, Charles Lim, Zbigniew Libera, Marco Paulo Rolla, Tiffany Chung, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Roy Villevoy & Jan Dietvorst, Agung Kurniawan, Tayeba Begum Lipi and Eva Kotátková. Museum Bronbeek also hosted a work from Juul Sadée on this subject. A symposium and an editorial programme with cahiers, workshops, excursions and radio broadcasts completed the exhibition.  Art academy ArtEZ and Dai (Dutch Art Institute) were closely involved. SONSBEEK ‘16 received many praising reviews in the (inter)national press and over 100,000 visits.

Zbigniew Libera - Mother, 2007-2012 African tales by Shakespeare, 2011 First day of freedom, 2012
History lesson, 2012, Sensitive  police officer, 2012 - photo: Maurice Boyer